In this current scenario, it is observed that people are utilising their free time to Study, Survey or Sales. How?

They are updating their Digital devices (computer accessories) & upgrading their skills by joining online courses.

It is observed that during pandemic digital payments increased three to four times as compared to the previous year, this up-gradation of computer accessories gives you an edge, help you to work seamlessly which results in higher productivity.
The following products helpful for digital marketers are laptop sleeve, web camera, microphone, digital marketing book, hard drive for storage, hard drive cover, etc.
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    Special Feature

    Exposure: Auto or manual

    and Angle of view: 58

    Degree; Interface: USB2.0;

    Frame Rate: 30 fps (MAX),

    Focus Range 4cm to infinity,

    Image Resolution 25 Mega Pixels with 6 Light sensors,

    Image Control Color saturation, brightness, sharpness and brightness is adjustable;

    Snap shot switch for taking stil pictures,

    Lens: f=6.0 F=2.0, Anti-flicker 50Hz, 60Hz or outdoor; Resolution Hardware: 500K pixels;

    Image Quality: RGB24 or I420, Inbuilt sensitive microphone and Image Sensor High Quality CMOS SensorExposure: Auto or manual and


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